What is Textile?
The term textile is derived from the Latin word’ textile’. It is based on the verb ‘texere’which means to weave. It thus designate the term textile covers a large area which includes any material that can be worked into fabric, such as fibers and yarns, including woven, knitted, boned,felted,needle punched fabrics, crocheted goods etc.

Why to study Textile?
One can understand the importance of textiles in today’s life from the uses mentioned above. Every individual is the consumer of textile. But to be wise buyer, consumer must acquire a great deal of knowledge. The well informed consumer is the one who can recognize and interpret the inherent characteristics of textile fabrics in the light of its intended use.
        With the knowledge of the basic facts about fibers, yarns, weaves, finishes, label information consumer can judge its probable wearing quality and serviceability, and can determine whether they are getting their money’s worth.
        In general, one can understand suitability, durability, comfort, care, safety, price, versatility, convenience, appearance and becomingness of fabric which would help in better selection and use.

Scope of Textile
        Textile fibers and fabrics made there of have almost limitless uses. Various new techniques are used to produce a variety of fabrics using different types of fibers and yarns. Conventional methods and machines used to produce fabrics have been replaced by the latest techniques and advanced machinery. Fabric is treated with a number of finishing processes to improve quality and appearance resulting into a vast variety in the fabric produced.
        The use of textiles has become more and more comprehensive as the field developed. Today it is not limited only to protect the human body, but is also used to enhance the beauty, to indicate social status and for many other similar purposes. It is not being used only for clothing, home furnishing, household textile but also for many other industrial uses ranging from building trades, insulators, filter cloths, pulley belts, forms of transportation including space exploration etc.